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Guang Dong Fal Far East Aluminum Industry Co.,LTD

is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise specializes in research, planning, manufacturing, sales and engineering. Our company, with total investment of RMB 120 Million Yuan, occupies 50,000 square meters of land. At present, we are one of the largest and most technically advanced metal wall panel making enterprises in China. We are mainly involved in the research and manufacturing of high-tech aluminum products, such as aluminum honeycomb panel, PVDF aluminum solid panel, corrugated aluminum panel, aluminum composite plate etc.

The application of aluminum honeycomb plate is a breakthrough of applying aviation technology into civil use. Our company is the first one to introduce computer-controlled automatic high-temperature compounded honeycomb aluminum plate production line, which is internationally advanced in techology.
Besides,we also introduce Ransburg fully-automatic static fluorine carbon spraying production line and computer-controlled network metal plate modern factory from Japan; and perfect & promote the production technique and technology of making aluminum honeycomb plate. Now we possess the ability of producing and selling 650 thousand square meters of aluminum solid panel a year. At the same time, to continuously improve the product technology and quality of aluminum honeycomb plate, we partner with Korea Fuguang Chemicals society, choose pre-rolling fluorine carbon aluminum plate from German Alcan and French Puji as raw materials, choose high-quality product from Korea for aluminum honeycomb plates & aluminum honeycomb cores. Now we possess the ability of making and selling 80 thousand square meters of honeycomb panels a year.
We have fully passed ISO9001:2000 international quality assurance certification. The technology for the product quality of aluminum honeycomb and aluminum single plate has passed the test carried out by national building material testing center. The technology for spraying quality has passed American AAMA2605 standard. The physical property and its quality Specification has reached American ASTM standards.
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