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Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel Introduction
Product structure
1、Refined by hot laminating process.Both upper and lower layers are high strength aluminum alloy panel, the core is non-toxic HDPE, the binding layer is the binder resin of Korean Fuguang Chemical Ltd.
2、The face is PVDF coating(>70% K-YNAR500),includingmetal pingmented system and system without metal pigment. For indoor use, the polyester coating suffices.
Product Advantages
1、Hot laminating process is used, the peel strength meets the China national standard.
2、Super weather resistance, UV resistance, acid and alkali resistance, can withstand adverse environment, the color and gloss can keep a long time, the service life can be over 15 years. Applicable temperature range:-40.c+50.c
3、Environment-friendly green building material.
4、Good fire resistance, reaching GB8624 B1.
5、Easy to form and to mount on site.
6、Lightweight, high strength and strong rigidity.
7、Good sound-proof and vibration resistance.
8、Varieties of colors, beautiful shande and feel.
9、Hard to stain, easy to clean.
Standard specification
Panel thickness:3mm、4mm
Panel width:1220mm
Panel length:2440mm
Note:various non-standard sizes can be made on demand.
Product application
Building curtain wall, hall, door, pillar decoration, tunnel barrel, furniture&indoor decoration, roof ,billboard,exhibition booth, vehicle, touring boat, decorative board of machines, various control panels and meter panel.
We have standard colors, and can tailor to other colors on customer demand.

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