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"FAL Brand" Aluminum Honeycomb Plate

We adopt advanced continuous high-temperature compounding technology from German Alhigerman, use high-intensity heat plastic adhesion system, which changes the low production proficiency and high product random of traditional hand-made and single plate producing technique and overcomes the shortcomings of traditional techniques for crispness and hardnesss adhesion system. These shortcomings include: the adhesion is easy to crisp and volatilize; the adhesion power reduces quickly after compounding, and the product is poor for processing. "FAL" aluminum honeycomb plate is fully made of aluminum. Therefore it is recyclable and good for environmental protection. It is quite light in weight but high in intensity. It can be widely used. For building, it can be used for those super high and super big buildings in some special regions which need high wind-pressing intensity. It can also meet requirements for large lattice of some buildings. This product also has good flatness and it is easy to process.

“FAL” aluminum honeycomb plate integrates comprehensive good points of aluminum single plate and aluminum plastic plate, meanwhile, it overcomes the bad points of aluminum single plate and aluminum plastic plate. Therefore, it has been appraised as the best building curtain wall high-tech material in 21st century.


Product Characteristics:

1、Light weight
3、Good flatness& straightness
7、Good at climate-proof
9、Good at sound and heart insulation
11、Green building material

2、Good rigidity
4、Good at wind-proof and pressing-proof
6、Easy to process and shape
8、Good intensity
10、Good at reducing vibration
12、Energy-saving and Environmental Protection


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